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Immigrants Credit Histories will now affect Immigration Status

Trump Administration Rule will now look at immigrant’s Credit Histories

Earlier this month the Trump administration implemented comprehensive changes to U.S. immigration policy including an initiative to allow the Government to consider the credit history of prospective immigrants

The rule change will effectively make it more difficult for prospective U.S. immigrants and legal immigrants to obtain permanent residency if they are reliant on social programs such as Food Stamps or Medicaid. The changes come as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s tightening of the definition of who is or is likely to become a ‘public charge’ which if ruled will give the DHS reason to turn down applications. Whilst the Government’s Final rule states that they will use a range of metrics to consider the suitability of a person’s application, it also indicates that negative or poor credit histories will indicate that “a person’s financial status is weak and that he or she may not be self-sufficient”.
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