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Trump’s Immigration Reforms, Summer 2019

Reflections on Trump’s relentless pursuit for Immigration reform

President Trump’s recent “Safe third country asylum agreement” is clearly just one further bullet point on the Whitehouse’s growing bucket list for reducing immigration into the U.S.

With the latest changes to Public Charge rules and its definition, which will again tighten ‘eligibility’ for those potential immigrants who are in receipt of or need to rely on public assistance programs, is the Whitehouse slowly eroding the hope of and opportunity for poorer immigrants to the United States?
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Business immigration lawyers Houston

Immigrants Credit Histories will now affect Immigration Status

Trump Administration Rule will now look at immigrant’s Credit Histories

Earlier this month the Trump administration implemented comprehensive changes to U.S. immigration policy including an initiative to allow the Government to consider the credit history of prospective immigrants

The rule change will effectively make it more difficult for prospective U.S. immigrants and legal immigrants to obtain permanent residency if they are reliant on social programs such as Food Stamps or Medicaid. The changes come as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s tightening of the definition of who is or is likely to become a ‘public charge’ which if ruled will give the DHS reason to turn down applications. Whilst the Government’s Final rule states that they will use a range of metrics to consider the suitability of a person’s application, it also indicates that negative or poor credit histories will indicate that “a person’s financial status is weak and that he or she may not be self-sufficient”.
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Business immigration lawyers Houston

5 Facts about the New EB-5 Rules

5 Things You Need to Know About the New EB-5 Visa Rules

The EB-5 Visa, otherwise known as the Immigrant Investor Program, came into existence in 1990 to stimulate the American economy. Through capital investment in job-creating real estate projects classified as New Commercial Enterprises (NCE’s), immigrant investors can secure conditional U.S. residency for themselves and their qualifying family members. Whilst this is the basic premise of the EB-5 Visa program, the regulations are numerous and are about to change considerably.
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Business immigration lawyers Houston

Wilka Toppins to hold immigration Seminar in Mexico City

Fong Ilagan of Counsel Attorney, Wilka Toppins, invites you to join her in Mexico City

From the 5th through 14th August, Attorney Wilka Toppins will be holding a seminar in Mexico City, for the benefit of clients and businesses seeking immigration advice.

Wilka is a highly experienced business immigration attorney who has represented hundreds of individual investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world and worked with many privately owned international companies.
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Business immigration lawyers Houston

Is Your Business at Risk from an ICE Audit?

Be Prepared for An ICE Audit

Do you recall the story of Tom Cat Bakery in New York City that lost 21 of their employees thanks to an ICE audit? Many advocacy groups felt the bakery mishandled the audit which got their employees fired. Some of the restaurants in the city stopped using their products. Google Tom Cat Bakery today and you’ll find articles about the protest but little else. Even their website isn’t exactly up to date. The audit hurt them and it’s hard to tell if they recovered from it.
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Fong Ilagan Ranks Third Largest Immigration Law Firm in Houston

Fong Ilagan Achieves Status as 3rd Largest Immigration Law Firm in the Houston-Metro Area

According to a survey conducted and published by the Houston Business Journal last month, Fong Ilagan, LLP now ranks as one of the Top 3 Largest Immigration law firms in the Houston Metro area. Considering the size and history of those few firms who rank above them, it is a remarkable achievement for an immigration law firm founded less than 20 years ago to be positioned in the Houston Law Firm rankings.
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