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DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney

William C. Head is a leading  DUI Attorney in Alpharetta, GA, and is a board-certified DUI criminal defense attorney with over 43 years of experience. He is the most renowned lawyer for DUI cases in the country.

How long will a DUI/DWI stay on my record and count as a prior conviction?

The amount of time a DUI conviction shows up on your record is called the washout period or lookback period. The state of Georgia has a ten year lookback period, after which your prior conviction will wash out from your record.

When you face a conviction, your penalties will depend on if whether you have a prior DUI conviction. As a first offender, you are looking at less severe penalties and sentencing than a second or third offender. Make sure to hire one of the top-rated Alpharetta DUI lawyers to help you dismiss or reduce your charges and sentencing to prevent long-term consequences, license suspensions, and costlier fines.

How our attorney can help you beat your DUI case?

Once you face a conviction for DUI, regardless of whether it is your first, second or third offense, you will face penalties, loss of driving privileges, costly fines, and in some cases, a jail sentence. Here's how our attorney can help you with your DUI case:

  1. The DUI laws in Georgia can be complex, and understanding the legal processes and procedures can be a perplexing problem. Our Alpharetta GA DUIattorneyhas a thorough understanding of the legalities in DUI charges and knows the ins and outs of the ambiguities that can affect your case. Our attorney can educate you on what to expect and assist you in filling out a mountain of paperwork.
  2. Our DUI lawyer in Alpharetta, GA, has over four decades of courtroom experience that he/she can defend you in court and dismiss your charges. If found guilty, our attorney can reduce serious consequences with his strong defense strategy and reduce your sentence, fines, and other penalties.
  3. DUI convictions on your criminal record can follow you around for a very long time (10 years in Georgia). Our attorney can build a solid case and obtain evidence without probable cause and help you dismiss your charges or ensure that you receive a reduced penalty and sentencing.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Attorney

When you have the best DUI and DWI lawyer in Alpharetta, GA, handle your case, they will have a thorough understanding of the legal system and help you save money in the long run. If they can't dismiss your charges, they will try to reduce your charges, fines, sentence, and penalties.

More importantly, they can use their friendly working relationship with the prosecution and negotiate better terms for you. Your search for the best' DUI/DWI lawyers and law firms' ends here. William C. Head can save you from paying expensive fines and jail time. Call us now at (404) 567-5515 and our DUI Attorney in Alpharetta, GA, can analyze and examine the details of your case on a free consultation.

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