Florida Insurance Attorney

Florida Insurance Attorney

Expert advice is always a good option when you are making a life-changing financial decision, and a home sale and purchase definitely fits that description. In addition to partnering with a real estate agent to help with the negotiation of the transaction, you may want to hire a real estate attorney to help you through the real estate legal process. Real estate lawyers specialize in subjects related to property, from handling disputes to contract agreement. At Keith Brady Law, we have several years of experience in all areas of Florida property and real estate laws. Here are some of the reasons why our clients trust us.


Our lawyers have several years of experience in all areas of real estate law. We deal on a daily basis with the issues faced by clients related to the rights and duties of tenants and landlords, property management laws in Florida, and buying investment property in FL. Our track record makes us distinctively qualified to walk you through the various issues that may arise during the real estate management, buying, or selling process. Plus, our depth of experience in all types of real estate and construction law allows us to bring you added value at any stage.


At Keith Brady Law, we know that it is not just enough to have the requisite knowledge of the law and experience. We also believe in the need to be responsive to our clients needs. We are skilled at forestalling and reducing the common delays associated with curative title work and resolving problems like code violations, fines, and real estate tax assessments, as well as HOA assessments liens. Our Florida insurance attorneys and staff uses advanced file management systems to manage, monitor, and close real estate transactions on a timely fashion.


We believe in integrity and honesty. Keith Brady Law also believes in treating everyone with civility and professionalism. Our attorneys believe the law as a profession, and they are honored to be legal practitioners. We believe we are the stewards of a professional that will be passed on to future generations.

Personal Attention

At Keith Brady Law, we understand the importance of each case to our clients. Responsiveness, personal attention, and efficient communication are trademarks of our practice. One of the major reasons why we started our own law firm was to deliver a high level of personalized service to those that come to us for help. Our attorneys personally speak with each potential new client. And if you hire us, your case won’t be passed off to legal assistants. Our attorneys will do all that we can to reach the right settlement for each of our clients.

We Help Draft and Negotiate Necessary Legal Documents

Many situations require contract add-ons, non-standard legal documents, or alterations to documents to address specific issues regarding title requirements, the properties, and the parties. The experienced Florida insurance attorneys at Keith Brady Law can draft these documents, while a title company is excluded from doing so because these constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

Florida Insurance Attorney
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Florida Insurance Attorney
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Florida Insurance Attorney