investment visa lawyer Houston

investment visa lawyer Houston

What are the options for someone who wants to invest in the US? What are the US visa investment options and requirements? Why not ask an investment visa lawyer in Houston! Fong Ilagan offers free consultations for individuals who are interested in an investment visa in the US. We can provide a consultation over the phone or via Skype if you are currently located outside of the United States.

Now, let us consider your options for investment visas. If you would like to learn more about investment visas, contact an experienced investment lawyer in Houston. Contact Fong Ilagan.

E2 Investment Visa

Your first option is the E2 visa. This is a known immigrant visa that allows you to start a small business with around a minimum of $100k. You'll be able to work in your business while employing some employees. The E2 depends on your country or nationality. There are 92 countries in the world whose citizens are eligible for the E2 visa. Unfortunately, citizens from every country will not qualify for the E2 visa, but there is a long list of countries that do qualify. E2 visas can range from three months to five years.

Yes, some countries, such as Egypt, only get three months on the E2 visa, so it is very important to understand where your country stands on the reciprocity schedule where your country is listed. For Mexican citizens, the stay is up to one year on an E2 visa. Again, each country is different.

With the E2 investment visa for non-immigrant purposes, you can expect to get it within three to five months. You will need about $100k, and you will need to prove the source of your funds. Also, your business must be real, not marginal, and you will need to have some employees. There is no limit or minimum to the number of employees that you can have. It can be anywhere between one and infinite employees.

It's important to note that this type of visa does not lead to a green card, although you can have this visa indefinitely if you renew it. Plus, with an E2 investment visa, you can bring your spouse if you have one, and your spouse can work.

EB-5 Investment Visa

This investment visa allows foreign nationals to invest $900k dollars into an original center, which is a US government-approved project, or you can invest $1.8 million into a direct investment if you invest in your own project. You will need to have at least ten employees and create jobs, and your business must be succeeding and growing. Likewise, if you invest in an existing business, that business must be improving.

The EB-5 investment visa allows you to get your green card almost guaranteed. Unlike the E2 investment visa, you won't have to work in your own business yourself with the EB-5 visa. Contact Fong Ilagan to consult with a knowledgeable investment visa lawyer in Houston.

investment visa lawyer Houston
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investment visa lawyer Houston
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investment visa lawyer Houston