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When an individual is approved for a green card, they are able to reside and work in the United States indefinitely with some limitations. There are many different types of green card visas available to workers, and some are easier to obtain than others. A knowledgeable immigration attorney can help you determine which type of visa is best for your specific situation and help you pursue it on your behalf.


The immigration lawyers at Fong Ilagan are highly skilled at handling business immigration matters. Backed by decades of experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of United States immigration law. Our legal team can proficiently guide you throughout every stage of the process and help you make sound decisions about the future. You can trust us for the effective legal services you deserve.

About Green Card Visas

There are many different types of visas available for workers, including the international executives, researchers, and Labor Certification (PERM) for professionals and skilled workers. However, the process of obtaining permanent residency and employment is often complicated, lengthy, and confusing, especially for people who are not familiar with it. Whether you are an executive or managerial employee of a multinational company, an outstanding researcher, or anything in between, we can assist you. Our firm genuinely cares about our clients, and we will do everything we can to help you get the visa you need.:
You can trust Fong Ilagan to:

    • Help you make well-informed decisions that save you time and money
    • Stay in constant communication with you during your case
    • Protect your rights and fight for your best interests
    • Guide you every step of the way

Green Card Requirements

In order to be eligible for business and employment in the U.S., you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a qualifying immigration petition filed and approved for you
  • Possess an immigrant visa as soon as possible
  • Be admissible into the United States


How Our Attorneys Can Help

The immigration attorneys at Fong Ilagan are guaranteed to help immigrants and employers decide which visa best suits their needs, qualifications, and much more. We are also here to help you assess any other conditions that may contribute such as visa situations. Our experts make ourselves available to you, from petitioning to the point where you are granted permanent residency and employment in the U.S.



Frequently Asked Questions About Green Cards

We’ve outlined some frequently asked questions about visas and permanent residency with their corresponding answers, below.

  • Can I work in the United States while I await approval of my green card application?
    If you are the beneficiary of a petition with an already available priority date, you can file and submit Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization. If you are approved for Form I-765, you will be granted an EAD card. This is the card that grants you authorization to become employed in the United States while you await the arrival of your permanent resident card.
  • Do I have to live in the state that my EB-5 investment is in?
    Depending on the type of EB-5 investment, visa applicants do not necessarily need to live where their investment lies or is established. EB-5 regional centers often allow foreign investors to pool their investments within a central location. This allows for investors to reside elsewhere.
  • If I have a green card and have a child living in the United States, will my child automatically be granted citizenship?
    The fourteenth amendment states that all people born in the United States are citizens. Children of immigrants who are born in the country are currently residing under a work, educational, or temporary visa also qualify for citizenship.
  • Who is considered a “skilled worker”?
    Three conditions must be met to be classified as a skilled worker, which include:
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • The position the application holds is complex or unique that it can only be done by a college graduate
  • The field the immigrant applied for typically requires a degree or an equivalent level of experience.

If you have any other questions, we’d be happy to address your concerns.


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The professionals at Fong Ilagan want nothing but the best for you. If permanently residing and working in the U.S. is in your best interest, we’re here to help make that happen. Contact us online to get started with a consultation and to discuss methods of attaining a business green card, today.


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